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Shadow Men & Women 8 x 30 min documentary For most, the idea of a bodyguard is Kevin Costner ushering Whitney Huston into a limo; Madonna jogging in Venice Beach flanked by 5 massive bullet-headed-man-mountains, or Lindsay Lohan being carried out of a west Hollywood Nightclub… but the reality is slightly different. This series opens up the world of close protection. Pierre's Great Whisky Mission 1 x 60min documentary A passionate re-evaluation of the ‘Gentleman’s Drink’. This programme offers a primer to whisky: Its story highlighting its social and cultural impact, its variety, its accessibility, but most importantly how to enjoy it. Pierre Thiebaut seeks to banish the viewers’ preconceptions that Whisky is a ‘stuffy’ old fashioned drink, best consigned to oak panelled clubs; rather taking it to its rightful position, as the drink of angels. The Unruled 6 x 60 min drama 401 BC: The March of the Ten Thousand - the epic true story of 10,000 Greek mercenary warriors, betrayed and stranded thousands of miles from their homes. Their leaders murdered by treacherous Persians, surrounded by enemies, facing starvation and the worst conditions the elements can throw at them; the Greeks must use all their fabled guile and courage to return home. Based on the protagonist Xenophon’s classic ANABASIS (The March Up Country), through 12 episodes, The Unruled will follow the intrigues, battles and terrors of the unknown that confront the Greeks as they fight against all odds to escape.
Ancient Echoes 4 x 60 min documentary Ancient Echoes introduces 4 stunning and (importantly) accessible cities and temples to a public perhaps sated with the traditional sites of the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Worlds. From Glanum to Palestrina, Mistra to Cherson, this series explores destinations lost to all but professional and amateur scholars. Lobstermen of Maine 6 x 60 min documentary Down East Maine is one of the last remaining ‘wilderness coasts’ on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, and it is here, hours from anywhere that a rugged group of Lobstermen ply their trade against a background of Trap Wars, unscrupulous over fishing and the meddling of scientists and state officials. This is the next phase of documentary genre showing people who do things that are dangerous but ultimately rewarding. It’s not a ‘contest’ between fisherman but a balanced battle for a whole way of life. A battle against bureaucracy, regulation and outsiders thinking they know better, a battle over a limited resource worth a lot of money to a lot of people and it’s also a battle of Man vs. Nature. – We cast the net wider to give a great insight into a unique community and people, made by people who genuinely know the culture and values of Down East Maine.
That's Showbiz 12 x 30 min documentary (in pre-production) Coming soon, a light hearted documentary about the biggest dance contest you have never heard of.

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